India is developing rapidly as an industrial nation, and this includes a variety of production companies and factories. Chiller manufacturers have to keep up with the changing demands and supply clients ranging from F & B and Pharmaceuticals to Machine Works. Without effective systems, our factories would not be able to keep up with immense global competition!


If you have a large HVAC or cooling unit in your establishment, you need to ensure to get regular maintenance work done.

Here are 7 critical tips from some of the biggest companies for industrial chillers in India –

#1 – Careful power management is the most vital part of ensuring that your cooling unit is performing to optimum capacity. The possible voltage fluctuations and surges should be aptly managed with inverter or generator backup.

#2 – Many heavy industries overwork single chiller systems, even if they have space for a second cooling unit. Have an alternative cooling system installed to use in intervals to give ample rest to the machinery if possible.

#3 – Choose solar energy supplies when using industrial chillers in India in places with plenty of sunshine. This is cost effective, as well as  protects against high voltage surges in summer. Ask your vendor if certain models are better suited for using solar power.

#4 – For smaller manufacturing units and single system machines, chiller manufacturers suggest two maintenance sessions a year for better productivity. While this may be seem odd, the smaller systems actually face more wear and tear compared to larger industrial towers.

#5 –  Apart from power supply, cleaning the machines on a regular basis is important. Much of low productivity complaints are simply because of dust collection!

#6 – Make sure that your machine is operated by trained personnel. The initial operations and system training along with careful use of the machine is most critical for a productive system.

#7 – Often, a startup factory or limited production unit will purchase a used industrial chiller. India has some of the best chiller manufacturers in the world, so consider getting a new machine and saving on the long term!