In India, you would find various service providers offering different packages to host your website. Most people looking for affordable solutions opt for shared web hosting; and to be honest, it has become a popular way for independent designers and small entrepreneurs to have an online presence without heavy investments. While how well you are provided for by shared web hosting in India actually depends on the reputation and reliability of your vendor; it is important to expose some of the obvious drawbacks of such a system!


Here are 4 drawbacks of shared web hosting that you should be aware of –

Sharing Resources: People using a platform for shared web hosting in India have to operate out of a common pool of resources like Control Panels, Bandwidth, and Servers. While a well organized vendor will be able to properly distribute their resources, if your website sees a lot of traffic, this will slow things down quite a bit. The web hosting resources will be straining during the peak hours, which may mean slow uploads / downloads, or problems with page loading.

Security Issues: Even with the best web hosting vendors, if you are using a shared resource of any kind, a security breach on someone else’s website leaves you automatically vulnerable. While you may not be the direct target of such an attack; using the same shared resources leaves your website within the range of the security breach. However, a reliable service provider does ensure several layers of security for their clients.

Lack of Flexibility: Many people have complained how a service for shared web hosting is not very flexible; and this becomes evident after some time. You would not be able to apply certain software of your choice, even if you want to pay for them. Shared plans are also not very flexible when it comes to the issue of updates and new online tools.

Individuality Problems: When you are paying for shared web hosting in India, you will be using a common domain name. This becomes a problem for eCommerce websites and online businesses because it hampers your branding. While shared web hosting is a great option to get your business started; you have to start with a business plan which allows you individual identity if you want to get your brand noticed.