Cold storage plant is one of the elements most used by the industry and in many specific sectors is an essential part of its production and storage processes. Cold storage is present at all times in some sectors, when the material or product is obtained, grown or extracted, when it is transferred to the plant, factory or warehouse, during the storage period, in the production and preservation processes and, since then, when it is put on sale in optimal conditions for the final consumer.

Thanks to this, industrial refrigeration is an essential element for the industry today, especially in some sectors such as food, pharmaceutical and chemical, as the cooling processes help to preserve and maintain in good condition some products for much longer than would last under normal environmental conditions. In some cases, freezing or cooling may even be a necessary process for the production or processing of a product.

There are some industries in which the cold storage plant is so important that about 70% of the total space of its facilities is occupied by equipment, chambers and cooling systems that are used to store, preserve or process the products. Some companies even have complete buildings dedicated entirely to refrigeration.

It is precisely because of the importance of the refrigeration chillers for some sectors of the industry that different types of cooling systems have been designed and developed. Specialized equipment and installations have been created for particular types of products and there are also very varied and distinct refrigerants used according to the needs of each user of the cooling systems.

Also, there are equipment and systems that are designed and developed to store or refrigerate some specific types of products such as meat refrigerators, ice freezers, vegetable refrigerators, cold rooms for laboratories, among others.


The correct design and operation of cooling plant India equipment, systems, and facilities are fundamental since many products and processes that are carried out require stability and consistency in temperature, a factor that may be indispensable to ensure that the quality of the product at the moment in that reaches the final consumer is the best. Similarly, there are industries that require a very precise and accurate temperature level to keep your products in the best state.

Fortunately, the breakthrough of science and technology and its applications in the industry are so extraordinary, that the refrigeration solutions India that can be found today are so varied, specific, precise and advanced that it is practically possible to have a team to every function that is required. For example, it is possible to have a freezer for meat, a refrigerator for vegetables, and a rotating equipment of temperature for chemicals, among others.

It is also possible to find refrigerators or cold rooms for freezing, production, storage, storage or cooling, depending on the needs and requirements of the company, industry or product. And for all this, you can use a different cold technology in each of the equipment used.

In addition to this, the design, manufacture, assembly and installation and maintenance of the equipment and systems used for cooling are also relevant aspects to having the best performance of the systems and, consequently, the best cold environments for the conservation and preservation of the products.