Web hosting is the basis of every online project, every website such as news portals, social networks, forums, etc. is hosted under a server that provides affordable business web hosting company.

However, there are very serious problems that often arise in a shared hosting. The biggest problems that can arise are:

Bad hosting

Security is of vital importance in all servers in the world, but more importantly, it is security in shared hosting, because by sharing space with dozens of other websites, the server is giving (limited) access to each of those sites.

It is recommended to always access your web hosting for secure environments, for example if you use ftp, access SFTP that is a secure FTP environment, if you access cPanel, access through the port: 2083 which is the safe environment to access cPanel.

Slow loading speed

The speed with which your website is loaded when accessing the browser is very important in the face of your work of positioning web, Google likes that websites load fast and on the contrary, it hates websites that take too long in load.

If one or more of the sites start to use a high amount of resources, it will cause the server to deplete more and as a result delivers pages more slowly to the browser, meaning that websites take longer to load.

Optimize all the content of your website, so that the weight is smaller and consequently the page load is smaller, you can compress your images, compress your css and js files, and code your html code in an orderly and simplified way.

Shortage of resource

This is considered as one of the biggest problem you can have with your business web hosting service, and is that there comes a time when more optimized than this your website and for sure you have your website and hosting, there will come a time when the number of visits of your website is so much, that simply the resources assigned to your shared hosting account will reach their limit.

The solution here is to give the jump to a dedicated hosting service, as could be the case with a virtual server or a dedicated server. The best would be a virtual server, because it is cheaper and gives you just the resources you need and with the option to increase the resources when necessary.


Unlimited plans

If your website is hosted on a low-end hosting plan, and uses a lot of resources, you may experience slow performance or service outages. You could also breach your terms of service agreement with your web hosting provider. Consider upgrading your basic web hosting plans in India to a more suitable one, or if your web host does not offer high-end plans, you may have to unsubscribe and find a more convenient host.

Got your domain name from hosting company

Never, NEVER Get your domain name from the hosting company. If you run into problems with them, you can use the domain name as leverage to maintain control. You may not transfer your domain name to a new registrar, or even refuse to change the domain’s DNS information to point to your new host. There is no domain name, no website.